Hi there! Thanks for taking the time read the informed ramblings of three enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a passion for all things green (the concept, that is… we’re lukewarm on the colour itself). The three of us met through the Association of Allan Gray Fellows and our mutual interest in environmental entrepreneurship. To learn a little more about what we do, click here, or check out our first post on Waste. Leave a comment, contact us, share the post or just give us a little bit of your internet headspace – either way, we’re grateful for feedback.

While you weigh up those options, here is a little bit about our contributors…

Blaise Dobson.PNGBlaise Dobson

Green collar entrepreneur; sharing ideas and movements that inform my world @BlaiseDobson


Lowell ScarrLowell-pic

Equally at home in the bush or in the boardroom. I’m not looking for a regular desk job, I want to be stimulated @LowellScarr

Adhila MayetAdhila-TwitterPic

Obsessed with all things renewable  @AdhilaMayet


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